• Mobile Solutions for the Dental Clinics

    We are offering affordable and flexible solutions as per the clinic’s needs.

    Best Suited to all scales of Dental Clinics
    Leverage your business by implementing the latest technologies

  • Solutions for Patients in Pain just a tap away

    Find the nearest Dentist in Emergency

    You can get nearest dentist wherever you are around the globe
    Direct Call from App to the Dental Clinic
    Navigate to Clinic, Find Nearby Promotions and much more

  • Register your Clinic in Dentist Finder

    Reach millions of potential clients

    Display clinic contact Information
    Navigation Assistance to your Clinic Location

  • Share your experience to help others

    Connecting Smiles

    Refer a friend, rate and write a review about your experience
    You can share your favorite Dental Clinic with your friends and family to whom you care

  • Raise your voice for Promotions like never before

    Get the Real Power of technology for Promotions

    You can offer promotions any time without any complication and user will be updated in seconds

  • Dentist Finder is a FREE smart devices app that allows users to find nearby dentists from their current location. This app also allows Dental Clinics to list their promotions so that the people in their area know about the clinic

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  • Jaws is a smart devices App in this package we offers customized theme as per clinic branding needs. The icon, design and components are customized to match with your brand theme.

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  • Jaws Premium Edition offers everything in Jaws plus Premium features including CMS based web portal for online administration.

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